Internationale Kommunikation

International Communication Services 

International projects require communication across language barriers – that’s where we come in.

Are you expecting non-English speaking guests at your event? Simultaneous translation is the most effective way for your message to get across the language barriers. However tight the schedule, with huge numbers of participants and even when using several locations in parallel, simultaneous translation is a perfect match.

You may have an English keynote, with translation into French, German and Spanish. Everyone in the audience can follow the speaker at the original pace, with the translations being transmitted via headphones, wireless and with individual volume control.

Be it a conference, an AGM, or any other large-scale event, our teams will ensure that everyone is heard as well as understood. Our services include not only the translators as such, but the technicians and equipment to go along with them.


Interviews, hearings, and speeches that require a special atmosphere can be translated consecutively.

Confidential talks require just the right environment and atmosphere. Consecutive translation is the ideal way to communicate in different languages and still feel understood. No technical equipment needed, with the translator right at your side.

We also offer written translation of your presentation slides, product information, marketing texts, agreements and other documents.


Want to know more about the perfect solution for your current project? Ask a pro - Judith S. Farwick will be happy to provide you with solid answers, based on more than 20 years of experience in the field.





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